In accordance with the terms and conditions of the CALM Trust Document, a Board of Trustees is established and responsible for the administration of the Trust and the Trust Funds. The Board of Trustees consists of eight representatives from the construction community to include equal representation of both Labor and Management. The Board meets at least Quarterly, and day-to-day activities are overseen by the designated Labor and Management Co-Chairs through direction, coordination, and interaction with the Executive Director of the CALM Construction Labor-Management Program.

CALM Board of Trustees

Chris Griffey Secretary, Labor Sheet Metal Workers Local #5
John White Chairman, Management Street Legal Industries
Tony Dagley Trustee, Labor Laborers Local Union # 818
Katrina Ivey Trustee, Management Hicks & Ingle
David Garcia Trustee, Labor IBEW Local Union # 270
Len Morgan Trustee, Management UCOR
David Rhea Trustee, Labor Operating Engineers LU # 917
Mel Schuster Management CALM Executive Director